Research Overview

Refereed Publications


  • Environmental Finance and Investments, Springer Texts in Business and Economics (2015), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, with M. Chesney, J. Gheyssens, and L. Taschini.
    – A Chinese edition of this book has been published in 2016.

On-going Projects

  • The role of repeated trainings for the correct usage of household green products: A field experiment in rural India, with Rohini Pande (Harvard University), Giorgia Barboni (Princeton University), Parul Agarwal (IFMR), and Daniel Sweeney (MIT).

Working Papers

  • Centimeters lost to smoke: Household air pollution and stunting in Indian children, with Souvik Datta (Glasgow University).
  • Public hearings for cleaner mines? Evidence from the Environmental Clearance Process in India, with Rohini Pande (Harvard University), Kevin Rowe (Harvard University), and Anant Sudarshan (University of Chicago).
  • Long-term Investment Choices for Quinoa Farmers in Puno, Peru: A Real Options Approach, with Marc Chesney (University of Zurich) and Carlos Vargas (University of Zurich).
  • Simultaneous CO2 permit trading and production decisions in a dynamic setting with multiple sources of uncertainty, with Marc Chesney (University of Zurich).
  • Estimation of a possible market for certificates of environmental services in Paraguay, commissioned by the UN REDD Programme.

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